28/06/2009 20:32


Following the site visit on June 23rd, I am pleased to inform members that ECB “Clubmark” status has been awarded to the club.

The Staffordshire Board Development Officer, who carried out the verification, said that we were doing a “great job” and was most impressed by what he saw, heard and read.

It is gratifying to know that our youth development programme and overall management have been formally acknowledged as first-rate and are helping to create a bench mark for high quality community club cricket.

The official paperwork and certification should be with us in July or August, but in the meantime, many thanks to all those who have worked hard to enable us to gain this quality mark, especially the youth team managers and coaches.

This is, however, not the end, but the beginning! We cannot rest on our laurels, and need to build on this achievement so that we can continue to improve. That will require the commitment of all club members, on which I am sure we will be able to rely.

Bob James.