16/12/2009 21:09


Work on new drainage system completed

Members will need no reminding that the Willows is prone to water-logging.


As the ground is situated on a flood-plain, this is to some extent inevitable. However, the problem has worsened over the last three or four years, with many games being lost to the weather, causing frustration to players and supporters alike and resulting in loss of bar income.

It was clear that this problem could not be ascribed simply to climate change.

An investigation of the drains, led by John Shakespear, Alan Partington and Ian Wakefield and his helpers, revealed that some of the old drains had collapsed and that the ditches to the north of our boundary needed clearing.

Thanks to Roy Lindsay, who has cleared the ditches on his land, and Alan and John, who laid out a specification for a new , enlarged and improved network of drains on the outfield, it is pleasing to report that a totally new system has been laid on the north and west sides of the outfield.

The work was carried out by Steve Hollis, assistant head groundsman at Derbyshire CCC, at considerably less cost than other quotations, reflecting again the benefit that we derive from our close association with the Derbyshire Cricket Board.

It is pleasing to report that the recent heavy rains left no pools of water on the previously badly affected surfaces, showing clearly that the new drains were doing their job.

All that remains to be done is to clear a small section of the ditch, work that Ian Wakefield is organising. If you wish to volunteer your help, please contact him.

Thanks are due to all members who have contributed to the work so far, especially Alan, John, Ian and groundsman Dave Woodburn.

It shows again just how much can be achieved when we all pull together.